Who We Are

It takes a first step
to make the road

Antonio Machado

Who We Are

It takes a first step
to make the road

Antonio Machado

Centro Attività Vivaistiche

CAV is a cooperative of commercial nurseries established in 1982 to assure quality production of healthy plant material. It has quarantine (i.a. screen houses) and field facilities for Pre-base material conservation and the production of post-assay and indexed healthy Base (mother) plants for its associated partners and outside customers in compliance with national, EU and international certification standards and schemes under the supervision of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Phytosanitary Service. Our lab is also authorized to conduct plant health assays for certification and registration of grapevine clones.

CAV is based at Tebano in the high-tech industrial park located near the city of Faenza in Ravenna Province about 50 kilometres southeast of Bologna. The surrounding area is also a major agricultural basin. CAV’s direct operational sphere includes the plants of tree and soft fruit, strawberry, olive, grapevine, kiwi, hazelnut, walnut, pistachio, artichoke, pomegranate, citrus and vegetables. It is a list that mostly reflects the produce grown in the area’s fields and valleys.

It’s operations also embrace the international sphere. CAV works closely with NakTuinbouw, the Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture, the Centre Technique Interprofessionnel des Fruits et Légumes (CTIFL) in France, and the Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center of Washington State University (IAREC, WSU). It is also a founder member of the CIVI-Italia inter-professional nursery centre.

CAV’s partners currently hold national nursery-market shares of 95% for strawberry, 75% for soft fruits, 50% for fruit-tree species and 50% for grapevine. Together with its international profile, CAV is one of Europe’s most important nursery organizations.


1998: Provision No. 8750 of D.M. (ministry directive) regarding phytopathological testing (mites, insect pests, phytoplasms, bacteria, fungi, viruses and viroids) and R&D technology authorizing DNA fingerprinting for establishing the genetic identity on fruit and vegetable plants.

2001: Provision No. 1329 of D.M. 22/02/2001 regarding accreditation for phytopathological analysis (mites, insect pests, phytoplasms, bacteria, fungi, viruses and viroids) on ornamental plants.

2005: D.M. 07/09/2005 (Nos. 30243 and 30252) as centre for Quarantine and Pre-multiplication of stone, pome, olive and strawberry plants.

2006: D.M. 25/10/2006 MASAF authorization for virus indexing as the provisions in D.M. 02/07/1991 No. 290 and controls listed in Allegato (appendix) IV of D.M. 08/02/2005 for grapevine multiplication.

2009: UNI ISO/IEC 17025 secured through ACCREDIA. The latter is the national body of government ministries, local authorities and business organizations established for handling applications and authorizing accreditation for compliance with national and international standards. The accreditation was obtained for serological tests concerning the main viruses (see appendix) listed in the MD  september the 1st 2022 n.384043, that modifies sections V and VI of the Lgs.D. february the 2nd 2021 n.18 . ACCREDIA protocols also require that the given laboratory meet the standards of competency for expert staff in plant pathology and of compliance with lab equipment, facilities, areas and methodology for material testing as per accreditation; authorized laboratories are subject to periodic monitoring to assure quality compliance and impartiality. The ACCREDIA seal refers only to the tests so authorized and not to the products tested. The list of tests approved for CAV can be accessed at www.accredia.it and the document so authorizing CAV’s laboratory can be inspected at the company’s offices.

UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 certification 01/2009/RF released by CERTIFICA-CCPB for nursery supply-chain traceability in compliance with plant genetic and health quality standards.

Since 2009 the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (formerly Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) has accredited CAV as a pre quarantine station for virus-indexing of pome- and stone-fruit plants imported from New Zealand as authorized by MAF Standard Accreditation of Offshore Plant Quarantine Facilities and Operator.


Through its accreditations and international links, CAV exports nursery material (basic material) to many markets throughout the world.:

  • Europe: Slovenia, Georgia, Spain, Ukraine, Greece,
    Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria,
    Germany, Czech Republic, Holland and France.
  • Asia: China, Iran and Israel.
  • America: Chile, Argentina, U.S.
  • Oceania: Australia and New Zealand.
  • Africa: South Africa.

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